The Science

Problem: Several factors which contribute to underperformance and increased risk of arm injury.

  • Aggressively throwing without properly activating your throwing side.
  • Without proper arm activation, arm speed, ball speed and accuracy are reduced.
  • Typical game and practice sessions generally prevent maintaining proper arm activation for the full duration.
  • Outside weather conditions are rarely favorable for maintaining proper arm activation.
  • Lack of throwing side protection that comfortably promotes arm health and top performance

Solution: Let the Shirt do the Work!

ThrowTech Sports - The Science Behind Shirt

By placing the enhanced compression and thermal materials specifically on the throwing side, arm activation and performance are positively affected.

  • ThrowTech shirts promote arm health and may help extend your competitive sports career
  • ThrowTech shirts reduce the negative effects of outside temperatures on throwing speed and accuracy
  • ThrowTech shirts allow arm activation to be maintained longer during periods of inactivity
  • ThrowTech shirts allow for the fastest arm activation in comparison to all other baselayer shirts and throwing sleeves
  • ThrowTech shirts promote increased circulation and oxygenation to the throwing side
  • ThrowTech shirts do not restrict arm speed and promote top ball speeds
  • ThrowTech shirts help delay arm fatigue during prolonged throwing activities
  • ThrowTech shirts are comfortable and act as a second skin providing additional muscle and joint support

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