Are these shirts good for my arm health?

Answer- Big Time! Arm health & throwing side protection is the main reason we started making these shirts.

Will these shirts make me throw faster?

Answer- Depends on you, the weather and game/practice tempo. It is a known fact that ball speeds are slower the colder it is outside. It is also a known fact that the lack of maintaining proper arm activation will result in slower ball speeds. These shirts help to overcome these variables and thus maximize your fastest ball speed.

Will I feel hot when wearing these shirts?

Answer- No Way. That’s why we offer these shirts in three different designs to combat the various temperatures faced during the ball season COLD, COOL & WARM

Are these shirts thick and heavy?

Answer- Quite the opposite. In fact, these shirts are overall much lighter than the average baselayer shirt worn for the various temperature ranges they are designed for.

Will the shirt restrict my throwing motion?

Answer- Absolutely Not. These shirts were tested and constructed to maximize full range of motion for all throwing athletes.

Is there a difference in the shirt fabric for the throwing side and the rest of the shirt body?

Answer- We have place the enhanced thermal & compression materials specifically on the throwing side and use lighter weight materials for the shirt body.

Are these shirts comfortable when practicing or playing competitively?

Answer- As reported by our athletes, these shirts are more comfortable than the baselayer shirts or throwing sleeves currently on the market.
They also allow your body to comfortably maintain arm activation without feeling too warm.

When I look at the shirts, how do I tell the difference between the COLD, COOL & WARM shirts?

Answer- Easy. These shirts are labeled on the chest throwing side and the chest seam thread is color coded for the temperature range it is designed for.
We have color coded the chest seam thread colors with White for COLD Weather, Blue for COOL Weather & Gold for Warm Weather.

What color can I get these shirts in?

Answer- We currently offer these shirts in the two most popular color options of Black & Red.

Can I cut the sleeves to a different length than what it comes in?

Answer- Yes, if for some reason you want to shorten the sleeve lengths, the sleeves can be cut and will not unravel.
Although we do not see any reason for cutting your sleeves, we understand everyone is different with what they wear and how they wear it. So go ahead and customize your shirt!!!

Can I get a discount for buying more than one shirt.

Answer- Yes, we offer a “Three Pack” discount. Please see the “Purchase” page for pricing. We also offer a “Team” discount and please contact us for pricing.

What is your return policy?

Answer- We allow you to return your shirt for a full purchase price refund for 30 days from date of purchase as long the shirt has not been worn, damaged and or washed.

What type warranty comes with these shirts?

Answer- We warranty these shirts for one full year from date of purchase for fabric material failure and or seam failure as long as the Wash & Care instructions on the sew-in tag are followed.

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