ThrowTech Sports was started for one reason; to better protect our throwing athletes’ arm & shoulder while competing at their highest levels.

ThrowTech Sports worked with the Vanderbilt University Baseball Program, MLB pitching instructors, pitchers and even football quarterbacks during the development of these shirts and have incorporated the feedback received from some of our country’s most prestigious athletes.

We also asked some simple questions based on what is being worn today and sold by the big compression wear manufactures:

  • Why are we wearing the same materials on our throwing arm as on our abdomen, back and non-throwing side?
  • Why are we wearing a throwing sleeve that leaves our shoulder, chest and scapular area unprotected?
  • Why are we dressing for comfort while exposing our throwing side to injury?

We developed our high performance shirts to allow the body to react in the most efficient way for the act of throwing. Our shirts are designed to comfortably provide enhanced thermal and compression benefits specifically for the right or left throwing arm, elbow, shoulder, chest and scapular area.

ThrowTech Sports’ three types of baselayer shirts are each designed for your game or practice weather conditions to comfortably provide enhanced compression and thermal benefits specifically to the throwing side. These shirts will carry you from the early cold winter season through the late hot summer months.

These ThrowTech baselayer shirts are a direct result of a demand from athletes to compete at the highest levels while feeling more secure and in control of the variables they can’t control.

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